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A differentiated private business development corporation.

About Canbrae Capital Partners

Canbrae Capital Partners is a Private Business SME Development corporation.

Both through direct equity investments and as a strategic lender CANBRAE is focused on building private independent companies. We invest with business owners to build and strengthen companies and communities.

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Who We Are

Canbrae Capital Partners, founded in 2013. is a business development company operating in several investment and financial markets in Canada. Canbrae Capital Partners' associate companies include:


A national association of engaged and passionate individuals builing a nationwide network of Not-For-Profit community-based Public and Private micro-Banks for the revitalization of rural and small town Canada by increasing investment potential for captial flowing into the small business sector.

Peachtree provides information, knowledge, and assistance to establish a local Canadian Dollar CURRENCY UNION and works alongside communities to establish a Public or Private Merchant Investment Micro-Bank.

  • Lochiel Capital Fund
    A private equity investor focused on builing private independent companies with business owners, not simply financial engineering. Lochiel Capital Fund operates as a pricate merchant investments bank and incests directly in local communities through innovative Equity-Bond.
  • Treadwell Financial Corp
    A private finanial firm buying forward capital to assist entrepreneurs start and grow business.
  • Fraser Carlyle Canbrae
    A proposed Charter Bank holding company centered in Eastern Canada
  • Commonwealth Operations Resource Executive
    CORE, an Action Discussion Forum for a made in Canada solution to Austerity and Inquality, such as Student Education Loan and Debt crisis. Commonwealth Easement falls under the wider heading of Monetary And Economic Reform; Positive Money Banking.

Canada's Only National Small Business Near Bank


Both through direct equity investments and as a strategic lender we are focused on building private independent companies.

We invest with Community leaders, Institutions and business owners to build and strengthen companies, Institutions and communities.


  • Capitalize our businesses with 10%-60% equity
  • Single preferred equity-bond class with scheduled amortization
  • Single debt class with long amortization, flexible covenants and low interest rates
  • Project financing, Moderates lender covenant pressure, with 60%-100% equity
  • Provides management with flexibility to pursue acquisitions and fund capital expansion

LONG TERM investment horizon

  • Partner with management teams for longer term value creation
  • Target investment period of five, ten and twenty-five years


  • Provides management a quarterly cash distribution on their investment
  • Current yield supports long term investment approach


  • We invest in Business Owners, local micro-Banks and communities on the same terms as business owners
  • Micro-Banks, Local Owndership, Royalty Income, Capital Appreciation

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